Two teams to the semis!

Damon’s U15s beat FC Puma 3-0, advancing them to the semis, undefeated and un-scored-on in the round-robin.
Puma and Nor’easter are tied for second, their head-to-head game’s score isn’t posted yet, so we don’t know who gets the wildcard slot.

Ben’s U18s defeated Lusitano 3-1, taking the top berth in their round-robin division. Lusitano and Cape Cod united are tied for second, and their head-to-head game isn’t posted yet either. Weird!

More weirdness: Juventus beat both Cape Cod and Lusitano, and Cape Cod and Lusitano both beat Inter, but Juventus only tied Inter. I guess that’s why you play the games.

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