Venus Transit June 8 AM – Don’t Miss It!

Or you might have to wait 113 years!

For us East Coasters, the transit will be in progress by the time we can see the sun – it’ll be starting at 1:13 AM our time, and ending at 7:25 AM. Sunrise in Worcester is 5:11 AM.

West Coasters won’t see this one at all, but don’t worry, they’ll have a better view of the 2012 transit, and they won’t have to get up early – that one’s in the evening.

DON’T LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN! Use #14 welding glass, or an indirect method.

Here’s NASA’s page about the transit.

Another good site.

The Ecotarium is having a SkyWatch sleepover!

The last one was 122 years ago, before movies were invented. Here’s a movie of the last transit. (How? Massachusetts (yay!) astronomer David Todd made 147 photographs of the last transit on glass plates. In 2003, some astronomers at the Lick Observatory turned those plates into a QuickTime movie.)

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