ICANN on Verisign

(via Dan Gillmor)

ICANN responds to Verisign’s ‘hijacking’ of .com and .net domains.

“VeriSign’s change appears to have considerably weakened the stability of the Internet, introduced ambiguous and inaccurate responses in the DNS, and has caused an escalating chain reaction of measures and countermeasures that contribute to further instability.”

“VeriSign’s change has substantially interfered with some number of existing services which depend on the accurate, stable, and reliable operation of the domain name system.”

Verisign’s response? Thanks, but we’ll keep doing it.

It’s also reported that the page includes a web bug, but it looks like it’s just javascript collecting browser stats and installing a cookie to track repeat visits. Lots of sites do this, it doesn’t seem all that sinister.

UPDATE: ICANN told them in no uncertain terms to cut it out, and this time, Verisign backed down.

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