I can’t believe ‘smell ya later’ replaced ‘goodbye’…

(via New Scientist)

…only to be replaced by ‘see ya later’ 23 million years ago.

A new genetic study suggests that Old Word primates (and thus, later humans) may have stopped relying on pheromone signals because they developed color vision.

2 Responses to “I can’t believe ‘smell ya later’ replaced ‘goodbye’…”

  1. Michael Jacob says:

    what movie was that quote from.. I’ve been trying to figure it out for months. “Smell ya later”

  2. Brian says:

    Actually, it’s from a Simpsons episode…an Indian tells Bart his future, which includes Lisa becoming President of the U.S., and Bart is a derelict, rooming with Ralph Wiggum. Later, Ralph gets mad at Bart and leaves, saying “Smell ya later, Bart. Smell ya later FOREVER.”

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