Happy Birthday John Paul!

It’s John Paul’s 20th birthday today. So, we now have one child successfully out of teenager-hood.

Happy Birthday!

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday John Paul!”

  1. ann ramsdell says:

    Happy Birthday John Paul and how come I have to surf the web at work to find this cool website
    that no-one told me about.

    Sure Andy get’s mentioned but not me.
    any where.
    Not my status as radio produce extrodainaire or
    Quality Assurance Expertise
    I really do understand. It’s ok.
    Hey JOhn Paul I’ll send a check to your parents house for your birthday. I have a big box going there. It’s ok the lost forgetten member of the family.
    “auntie ann”

  2. Bernard Mary says:

    A Happy 84th Birthday wish to Our Holy Father John Paul II.

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